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Have you ever bought bug sprays in the market? Some of these costs a bit and you don’t even know what’s in it. Tony Frischknecht is joined by Nick Gay to share how we can create homemade bug spray that smells good and is able to kill off mosquitoes, using natural ingredients such as essential oils. Nick talks about using only natural ingredients to make sure that you are not putting poison on your body when you use this bug spray. He also says that aside from bug sprays, you can also create different products using ingredients such as white thyme, lavender essential oil, lemongrass, citronella and many more.  

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How To Make Your Very Own Bug Spray At Home Using Essential Oils With Nick Gay 

Weve got another cool formulation for you guys. Here in Colorado, spring has come and things are starting to happen. Trees are blossoming but then theres also what is going to start bugging us very soon. Thats why I have my next guest here, Nick Gay, on with me. Nick has been helping create some amazing formulations. We are going to do another one with you and this is bug spray. Whats bugging youIt’s insects. Nick, thanks so much for being on the show with us. I appreciate having you here. 

Thank you so much for having me, Tony. 

Why do people want to make their own bug spray? 

Creating your own bug spray from essential oils is the furthest thing from creating poison. Plus, it always smells great! Click To Tweet

The reason I do it personally is that I dont like using conventional bug spray because of all the different chemicals they use in it. Like DEET itself is toxic and its very well known. Most doctors tell you to limit your use of those bug sprays. The other thing is it smells great. You are going to smell good and keep the bugs away. 

For those of you reading, some of these essential oils, we have extracted with the little buddy system. Weve got our prototype. The reason we have our prototype and not our finished machine is because we were busy and selling them. This is all we have in this episode. I apologize for that. You can go to and you can see what the machine looks like and everything else. Moving forward, weve got some products here that we dont have access to such as eucalyptus. 

Even like the white thyme because of where we are in the season. Later in the summer, I will extract some white thyme that I have growing in my garden but now, we don’t have it. 

We dont have the ability. I hope you guys understand that. We are going to show you what we can make along with some of the other added ingredients that go along with it. Cost-wise, is this pretty inexpensive to create on your own? 

The initial cost, especially if you are buying the essential oils, is going to be a little bit expensive because essential oils are fairly expensive. We are only using a couple of drops of each so you are going to have quite a bit leftover. All in all, to buy all the essential oils, it would probably be about $30 or something like that. With that, you would be able to make multiple, not only bug sprays but also other products and other formulations that we can show you in the future episode. 

Nick is going to walk us through and tell you step-by-step how it’s done. Nick, what ingredients do we have? 

The first one we’ve got is the lavender essential oil that we have extracted in our little buddy here to the extraction machine. Next, we have some lemongrass and citronella that I extracted and the little buddy from some dried stuff in my garden that I grew in 2020We have white thyme essential oil, eucalyptus, lemon, distilled water and the vodka infusion that we made in the Bathtub Gin Part 1 episode because this recipe calls for vodka. I figured, “Why not throw some extra botanicals in it?” 

EE 17 | Bug Spray

Bug Spray: To buy all the essential oils, it would probably be about $30 or something like that. With that, you’d be able to make multiple, not only bug spray but also other products.


We’ve got some extra smell in there. Nick, whats the first process that we have that we start with here to make our own bug spray insect repellent? 

We are going to be mixing all these different products, shaking them up, putting them in the spray bottle and then we are ready to go. We are going to show you the exact recipe on our website. Go there to see that. Let’s get started. A couple of things that Ive got here thats going to make your life a little bit easier. The pipette and then I have this little funnel thats good for filling and then 2ounce empty mister bottle. We will get rocking. What we are going to do first is we are going to add all these essential oils to the vodka and then mixed the water in. 

You are doing little drops on each. It doesnt take much. Im trying to think of your average Off! insect repellent costs you. If you want to go buy this, everybody buys it all the time. Its a matter of what does this stuff costs us at the end of the day? Following online, you are looking at like $8 so its not much. However, when we have the ingredients inside this stuff if its cheap and its poison, it seems silly. You are spraying cheap poison on yourself and you want a good price for it. The stuff that Nick is creating right now that is furthest from poison. Taking essential oils and creating these different products is pretty amazing. 

It’s one of the big deals in the naturalness of all of our ingredients here. If you were to ingest a large number of essential oils, you can get sick from that. Anything spring on your skin, like hes creating now, the likelihood of you getting ill from it as is way further out there than poisoning yourself with Off! DEET, deep woods Off! as they used to. I saw the advertising as on it. You have put a drop of all these different essential oils in there and now you are shaking it up. Did you put the water in already? 

EE 17 | Bug Spray


No. This is just the vodka and the essential oils. Ihas got a little milky there. The reason why its doing that is that theres water in the vodka so thats the oil and the water fighting each other. With that said, this mixture, you are going to have to shake before every use but its no big deal. I have all these essential oils in here in vodka. Now we are just going to add this water here. The reason why I added all these essential oils to the vodka, as opposed to the water is that the essential oils would literally sit on top of the water. When it goes into the vodka, it becomes a solution and then you can add more water to the vodka. As you can see, it doesnt separate out immediately. 

Each time you would go to spray it on yourself, you should shake up the bottle? 

Just give it a quick shake. 

It is a little bit inconvenient but the reality is you are not spraying poison on yourself. Spending ten seconds shaking it up before seems relatively easy. 

If you were making this product to sell, there are different equipment out there to do homogenization and things like that so that it would never separate. 

If you wanted to create a solution that you didnt have to shake, there are ways to do it. This is just a simple home creation that you can do with their very few products aside from the extracted essential oils themselves. Getting into the wellness world, I love stuff like this and learning about how easy they are to make. That took no time at all for you to mix those once you have the ingredients. 

Now we are ready to go. This is a finished product. I made a little bit over 2 ounces just in case I spilled or anything like that. Thats typically what I will do with any formulation. We are going to end up with a little extra but Im going to use this little funnel here, pour it in there. Thats not much leftover or so. Now we are all good to go and lets try it out. 

You are just going to spray this on your arm, is that it? 

EE 17 | Bug Spray


Yeah. It smells great. I have made this stuff quite a bit. When I used to work on a farm in California, this is what I would use every single day. It keeps the mosquitoes away and you also smell great. 

It’s that simple. We were able to take some cool stuff that we are extracting ourselves, some home stuff and create an insect repellent for the summertime. Go to Theres a phone number there. We also have texts and emails. You can contact us anywhere through our website. It’s very simple. Reach out to us. We will connect you with Nick. Its done. We want to make this stuff simple for you and easy. Thats what we are doing. Also, if you want to know more about this process, we can create another episode on it for you. Go deeper into it and investigate more. Please reach out to usWe are so happy you spent some time with us. We look forward to sharing our next episode with you. Nick, thanks so much for being on the show. 

Thanks for having me, Tony.

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