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Tony Frischknecht continues his discussion with Gary Ross and David Ross of Essential Extraction as they dissect their top-of-the-line vape cartridge. They look into the amazing features of the product that mostly address the problems of its cheap Chinese counterpart, which usually results in contamination and bad taste. Gary and David also share their hardships in building such an exemplary item, which took a number of years and contractors to be created. Finally, David shares a glimpse of his ongoing project, which involves a vape cartridge that automatically adjusts to the air volume pulled through it.

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What’s In Your Vape Cartridge? Part 2

The Next Generation Of Vaping

We’re going to continue the conversation with David and Gary as they discuss coil-fire cartridge, how it works, also the next-generation cartridge and what you have to look forward to out there. If you have any questions or you want to check out the show, there are several other episodes at You can also contact each one of us, Tony, Gary or David at

You have some displays of some other different cartridges. Would you like to walk us through some of those?

I’ll show you the actual heating element that we’re able to develop here. What you have is the coil and you can see the two wires, the two ends there, and it’s embedded into the ceramic.

Is it fired into that ceramic there, so it’s one piece?

Yes. The coil and the ceramic is one piece. Rather than having a ceramic cup with coil wrapped around a wick, all we have is a ceramic cup. It’s a pure vaporization. The oil never touches any metal.

How is it drawn? Is it drawn through the ceramic itself? Is the ceramic porous so that it’s able to vaporize and pull through? Can you explain that?

Our cartridge is unique and you can see how the oil draws into these two holes that are on the base of the cartridge.

You’ve got the metal mouthpiece. The reservoir that holds the oil, is that plastic or glass?

This is glass.

EE 4 | Vape Cartridge

Vape Cartridge: As you consume it, every puff will be a very quality flavorful puff.


On the bottom, you’ve got the atomizer with your ceramic inside where it’s got two flutes next to the metal post that runs from the top of the mouthpiece down to the base of the atomizer. That has two holes at the base that the oil is drawn at the base.

That’s correct. There are two of these heating elements aligned with each of those holes.

Also, they each have their own element.

It’s dual heating. As they heat the oil, its viscosity lowers. That capillary action occurs. It gets drawn into the ceramic heating element, where it gets vaporized. It’s at a hot enough temperature to volatize all of the oil. It turns into a vapor where the vapor then travels up the center air flute.

That center post is the air flute that you draw the vaporizer through. For you that are reading out there, there is a center post that runs through the glass reservoir. As you inhale, the vaporizer from the elements gets pulled up directly into your mouth.

Another feature that we have in our cartridge is in the air flute we have a little bit that is machined via laser. It’s a small orifice that we’ve put in that air flute to restrict oil from getting up into that air flute. A lot of cartridges out there had this issue where the oil can recondense in that air flute. It will pop when you smoke it. It will get clogged and you have to take a hard draw on the cartridge to release that oil. It will lead to all kinds of flooding in the tank, complications, and an unpleasant experience overall. What we’ve done is we put it in this small carburetor that allows only a little bit of oil to vaporize the oil to enter into the air flute and not clog.

It will let you get the vapor from the oil out, but it will keep the oil in. If it’s sitting upside down in your pocket, there’s no way for it to go down the flute into your pocket and leak out. Is that right?

That’s correct. Even over time, as you consume it, every puff will be a quality flavorful puff. You won’t have any of that clogging issue.

Let’s talk about the taste because I remember back when I first was trying vaporizers and using them, they were good for a while. Maybe the last quarter of the oil that was left in there that I smoked had a funny taste. Is that still the same thing happening here? Did you solve that problem?

That definitely goes back to the wick. That was one of the main issues with the wicks. What we found is as the oil got consumed over time, there are always residuals left in that wick, and not getting out of the wick or not leeching out enough. It’s getting heated and heated, and starts to turn into a bad, burnt flavor towards the end there. With these cartridges, the way they’re designed and the heating element being without the wick, it’s a real, tier flavor every puff even down to the last drop.

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Dealing with China, there are many products we get from them. There are so much unhealthy stuff that are still manufactured out of China. What did you see in the beginning of the cartridges? Were they safe? Were they unsafe? What can you tell us about the new ones that you have changed and adjusted to? Gary mentioned for one, the wick are strips of jeans. What else did you see there?

We even saw instead of a nickel mesh that I showed you, there’s some asbestos material in one of the designs. I don’t know if it was that, but that’s what it looked like. It was not appealing.

Why would they use a product like that in China? Gary, can you share why they use products like that in manufacturing?

At the time, the goal was get it fast and get it cheap. It came from an eCig industry that hadn’t matured yet. There was a lot of discourse that had to happen, a lot of education that had to take place on what was the best practices regarding manufacturing. The guys that we’ve worked with, once they got on it, they produced well. It’s a journey. We had to take our time and walk through it. We had the good fortune of coming from an industry that required high quality standards, the semiconductor industry. We were able to take some of those best practices, and deploy those with our partners that we chose to work within China. Those same partners were excited because of the trade wars that are ensuing. They’re excited to work with us to license some of their technology that they’ve developed on their own, license that to us so we can produce the product here in the United States. The relationship has evolved and become a lot better.

It didn’t happen that way overnight. We went through a lot of different manufacturers. We settled on one that wanted to work with us, that want to do things the right way. A lot of their management is really sharp and they’ve got some good engineers. That’s what we’ve decided to settle on. To your readers out there, there are good sources of supply, but it takes a while to get that figured out. Do we take it for granted when we have it manufactured over there? No. To this day, what we’ve instituted is a couple of unique quality control tests that we do here in the United States once we receive the cartridges.

One is a puff test. David and James Ramsey, one of our designers, they have designed an automatic puff tester where we can pretest these cartridges to make sure that they won’t leak. Also, there’s a resistance tester. One thing that’s important is to make sure that the contact, when it comes down and makes contact to the battery, that the resistance is where it needs to be depending on the viscosity of the oil.

You’re talking about where the thread is, where the atomizer goes down. Where that connects right there, David, that’s where you’re talking about the contact.

Those are the two contacts. Those have to be precision, otherwise the oil won’t heat properly. That’s another lesson that we learned. We do this statistical process control with our friends at the point of manufacturer. We bring the products here, and then we do a statistical process testing where we can make sure that everything conforms to the standards that we want.

It sounds like a lot of quality control you have to go through there.

When we first saw the first generation, we were concerned about the consumers. We had to educate the guys that were making these things that it’s not healthy. They had a different standard at that time, a different mentality regarding quality. It was a journey. Now, we look at it and say, “Is this something I would want my kid, rather than not smoke at all, but if they’re going to participate and inhale, I want to make sure that they’re inhaling the best and healthiest product.” Not something that’s got a metal in it. Not something that’s got cotton fiber, asbestos, those types of things. We took that seriously. That’s one of the things that we’re proud of that’s been developed. What’s exciting is David’s next generation, what he’s got cooking.

EE 4 | Vape Cartridge

Vape Cartridge: The less you take a job on it, the less amount of vapor volume there actually is.


I want to ask David about that, but I want to ask you, when people are out there searching because there are a lot of guys that are starting their own little vaporizer in there. They are either doing it in their backyard because they want to make their own vapor or whether it be essential oils or they are doing THC or CBD. What would you recommend they watch out for as they are looking through all these manufacturers or buying online?

As David alluded to earlier, when you buy online, sometimes you’re going through a broker. Even Alibaba deals with brokers. You might be getting that product third-hand. You don’t have the traceability that you want to know what quality standards were behind that cartridge. It usually turns into a mixed bag. One lot you’ll get in there works great. You receive 1,000 cartridges and the guy’s filling his cartridges and he’s loving life. The next he’ll order the same darn cartridges, they’ll come in and it’s crap. It doesn’t perform well. It leaks, or the heating element is slightly off. What we recommend is starting with a reputable company like Essential Extraction, not to put our name here but I am.

I want Gary to share this with you because we know we have a quality product. We want to share that with you, but we know you can go somewhere else and find that.

What we can do is we can help educate. This is the quality manual. This is what you want to look for. This is how you test to make sure that you’re getting a good product. We can help them with that, and we’d be more than glad to do that. They don’t have to buy directly from us, but we could be a source of information for them. We can provide them with samples and things like that. One thing is it’s key to match the type of cartridge based on the viscosity of the oil. I can’t overstate that. One of the things that we’ll offer is a way to determine what is the best cartridge for that particular customer.

You have close to ten years of experience. Those two parts meet. David’s cartridge with the viscosity is the hardest part.

It is the funniest thing. You have that journey, you look back on it, and you go, “Jesus.” Remember the old commercial, “I could have had a V8. What the hell were we thinking?”

David, as Gary alluded to a while ago, what do we have in the future? What are you working on?

It’s pretty exciting stuff. We have our heating element that is going to be put into a pod system, a solid state design that the battery and the cartridge are one device. What we have designed is PCB that allows for the heating element to ramp the voltage in a linear line following the vaporization temperatures. As the customer puffs, the harder you draw, the more voltage.

It adjusts to the volume of air that’s pulled through it.

Correct. You get a bigger, deeper hit. Also, what it allows for is it slowly comes to temperature rather than trying to hit a high temperature and volatizing all of the good flavorful things. What it allows you to do is experience those flavors as the temperature slowly ramps up and you get a big volume, flavorful hit but it’s also in control. The smaller or the less you take a draw on it, the smaller or the less the amount of vapor volume there is.

I’m picturing now because for years, we’ve had these big battery packs that people are doing nicotine or they’re doing flavors and stuff. There are these groups of people that enjoy the big plumes that come out, almost like the old days of smoking cigarettes and cigars. They get into that feeling. I imagine that you’re going to see a bigger plume from whatever you’re smoking off of. It seems like you’re drawing more air through. I look forward to seeing that.

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We’re doing some cool stuff here. I brought these guys here. These are my business partners and we worked on this for years and I’ve seen a lot of expansion in the industry. We want to share some information for you. We want to give you some stuff that we’re doing here to produce better products for you or maybe somebody you know. Also, I haven’t heard anybody talk about this. I’m excited to bring this to you. I’m thankful for having these guys in my life because these guys are experts in their field. They’ve been around the industry for a long time and around electronics. I want to encourage you to reach out to David, Gary, even me if you need to. Our website is David, what is the best way to reach you directly if people have any questions for you? Can they do it on the website? Is it best to get in touch with you directly?

You can go to our website, that’s a good way. You can also reach me at

Gary, I assume that it’s the same for you. Everybody works differently but I wanted to ask.

What would be preferred for me is

I know we’ve got some big shows planned here in the future. I’m looking forward to bringing those to everyone. I want to thank you both for spending your time with us and sharing some of that deep, in-depth knowledge with hardware and extractions. Thank you so much.

Tony, thank you. We both appreciate what you’re doing here with your show. Thank you very much.

You’re welcome. Thanks. This is another episode of Extraction Essentials. We hope to see you next time and bring you some more great information. See you then.

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About Gary Ross

EE 4 | Vape CartridgeGary is currently Co-Founder and CEO of Essential Extractions Corporation (EE) located in Colorado. EE designs and manufactures high-quality precision small to medium scale extraction, filtering, and infusion equipment for precious oils.

Gary is also an Independent Private Equity Investor and Consultant. Prior to Essential Extractions Corp, Gary was CEO of 3 successful companies and held Executive level positions in 3 additional Fortune 500 companies. His management and leadership background spans various technology companies in Microcircuits, Semiconductors, and recently advanced Herb Extraction Technology and Ancillary Products. Gary enjoys working with highly motivated companies and help prepare for significant transitional events.

Gary was CEO of OpenVAPE LLC from May 2014 to May 2015. Prior to becoming CEO, Gary was an Executive Consultant for OpenVAPE for approximately a year. Gary worked with a highly motivated team associated with the emerging and extremely fast-growing legalized Herb Industry. OpenVAPE specializes in providing ancillary-based solutions, systems, and devices which are broadly accepted as industry-standard products. The brand OpenVAPE is the initial pioneer in vape and concentrate products in the industry. The company created leading-edge high-quality herb extraction oil and associated ancillary products. In 2014 during the “Blossom” era of Herb Business growth, Gary ranked in the top 25 most influential people in the Herb Industry by “Herb Business Executive”.

About David Ross

EE 4 | Vape Cartridge

David is an Entrepreneur and Business Consultant. David’s current company is Essential Extraction Corp located in Fort Collins, CO. David Co-founded Essential Extractions (EE) in 2017 upon the merger of his previous successful company Incredipen into EE.

David and his team founded Incredipen in 2014 to focus upon designing, manufacturing, and marketing a unique family of ancillary hardware-focused upon the fast-growing and emerging legal herb market.

In 2017, Incredipen merged into EE. Essential Extractions Corp provides new and innovative Equipment and processing methodology for Extracting, Infusing, Filtering essential oils. Target Markets include specialty Herb, Wellness, and Fitness. Prior to forming Essential Extraction Corp, David was Product Development Manager of 2 profitable herb companies and held leadership positions.

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